Tuesday, October 26

California and Healthcare

California Healthcare - forced on companies with 200+ employees

Quite a funny thing California is doing... forcing employers with over 200 employees to pay for at least 80% of the health insurance costs... do you think if this passes and you work in California that either A) you won't get a raise until the 80% is saved by the company or B) your employer will move from California if they have the opportunity???

Forcing the employer to pay for healthcare... that seems pretty odd... last i read and learned from conversations with insurance companies - when an employee has a vested interest in their health insurance (i.e. greater than 20%, but less than 20% may work depending on the percentages) they tend to use it more effectively (i.e. not going to the doctor for cough syrup or tylenol instead going to the pharmacy for OTC drugs) because they know how much insurance really costs and how their "non-critical" office visits and claims bump up their insurance premium...

Anyway back to forcing employers to pay for healthcare... not sure on this, but i cannot see how this will stimulate the california economy... it would appear to have the opposite affect...

and back to Wal-Mart being restricted from building in many California communities... God forbid you allow your lower-class and lower-middle class save money by shopping at WM... seems funny that you wouldn't want your neighbor to be able to save money on everyday purchases...


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