Friday, October 29

Drinking a Dead Man's Beer???

A woman in Wisconsin has gone to a new level to get a beer!!! The woman dug up the remains of her lover-on-the-side after his burial in 1992 and drank the beer and smoked the cigarettes that were buried with him... not sure if i am following this one, but first no matter what the reason isn't it easier to go to the store and buy a six-pack instead of digging up buried beer... not as if we are looking for pirate treasure...

the detectives believe this may have occurred out of spite... arh - perhaps?!?!? here is the kicker for me... she did this almost 12 years ago and his family just now realized his remains weren't there... perhaps the ground was sunken or something or maybe they were looking for a drink or smoke???

anyway... chalk this one up as bizarre...


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