Saturday, October 30

Going on Strike to Raise Your Wages???

i do not think i am following what the employees @ Volkswagen's European manufacturing plants are doing... if you don't like what you are getting paid you can either 1) work harder and become more effective by producing more per hour/day/whatever, 2) suck-up to someone who you think can get you a raise, 3) or apparently join a union...

so apparently option #1 is not going to happen because God forbid you obviously have to become more efficient if VW is losing money right now

apparently #2 can't work for 4,000 employees

so that leaves only #3 as an option for the VW employees (in their minds)... because it has been portrayed that only a union can help you get a better pay rate...

here is the problem with the logic in #3 - if you quit working for a period of time (via a strike) are you helping to produce anything??? NO, and you are actually making your employer lose more money!!! and by demanding higher wages without increasing your output (asking for the keys without buying the car) you can't be trusted by management... and from an economic standpoint if VW has to give into your demands to increase your wages for the same output as before and they are dead-set on saving costs you are forcing them to either internally develop or purchase better equipment that will reduce the number of employees needed to increase output... i.e. you are forcing them to fire you in the long run... unless you then switch to the aforementioned option #2

the workers at VW need to become more efficient for themselves, which should cause savings and better margins which will then translate to increased wages...

they are going about it in a selfish way, as they are risking getting their fellow union-mate fired for their own financial gain (via higher salary)

their thought process and attitudes can be summed up in the eloquent words of Red Foreman from That 70s Show - "Dumb Ass!!!"


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