Sunday, October 31

is one man changing corporate rules & regs???

i have come across more and more people in recent months who are getting aggravated with New York Attorney General Elliot Spitzer... they claim he has overstepping his boundaries and should not be suing any and every company he sees fit... this editorial piece from the buffalo news pretty much sums up that side of the argument when it reinforces a thought using quotes such as:

"I don't think he sees anyone standing up to rein him in," says Robert McTamaney of the New York law firm Carter, Ledyard & Milburn. "These cases he brings are almost impossible to defend against because of the adverse publicity."

Spitzer's tactics have led Delaware Attorney General Brady and Richard Baker, a Republican congressman from Louisiana, to say he is overstepping his enforcement authority to force companies to act as he sees fit.

Brady, also a Republican, asks whether it makes sense for an attorney general rather than companies to decide the best business practices.

"Most AGs haven't run a business," she says. "In the long run, more harm is done."
isn't that a convenient side... he shouldn't fight them because it makes business decisions for the company... well i suppose if they didn't act the way they did (shady and underhanded in a lot of instances), Spitzer would go after them like a starved pit bull devouring a blood-drenched rib eye... a guerrilla, as the Buffalo News purported, sounds a little weak to me, don't you think... i mean i've never seen a guerrilla or a monkey for that matter do anything vicious in person)...

i will say it... i like what he is doing because it appears the majority of the laws he is enforcing have gone unenforced for a long time... the flip side would be if they haven't been enforced then why start now... well because if it is a law it should be enforced and if it is going to be constantly overlooked than take the law off the books...

i wonder if his enforcement of these firms (e.g. insurance and investment bankers) went on for say 10+ years if they would consider moving their offices from NYC to New Jersey and have "no office" in NY so he could not pursue them???

just a thought or two...


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