Wednesday, October 27

NCAA on probations in the Dirrty South - NCF - Bad Dogs: Mississippi St. gets probation, more

So the dirrty south finally has a black headcoach (only decades after the rest of the country) and what does he step into... a big pile of someone else's crap... i wonder if Croom will ever truly get a chance to succeed???

his program was
"placed on probation by the NCAA for four years, stripped of eight football scholarships over the next two seasons and banned from postseason play this season because of recruiting violations."
the sad thing is the NCAA is screwing him and they should just fine the previous coach (who was fired) along with the school and their athletic director... i mean if you go after those who create the problems it will solve itself because they will be too much of a liablity to hire...

the funny part of it is that Mississippi State is banned from the post-season this year... ouch - who gives a damn about that... they suck this year and have no chance of making a bowl game this year... execpt for the sorry last game of the season with 'ole piss university...


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