Wednesday, November 10

follow up to Yanks comment

actually let me qualify my last post... it isn't just that they are Yanks... after downloading the excel file from Catalogue for Philanthropy i noted each state that voted majority democrat in the last election... here are some interesting facts from what i did (not that they are anything more than inferences about the election):
1. the highest ranking states in terms of generosity were all republican majority
2. number 26 was new york... the first democrat state
3. from 29th to 50th (22 states in total) 18 states were democrat majority
4. when looking at the richest states per tax return - 15 of the first 20 states were democratic majority
5. seven of the ten lowest giving states are democratic majority
not that this means a ton... and i know it is a generalization, but it honestly surprised me that the democratic voting states were far less "giving" than republican states... but this goes against all that the media and the democratic party claims - in that the democrats take care of the poor, elderly, and disenfranchised...



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