Tuesday, November 2

Good Lyrics...

well not all have heard Pedro the Lion... and the singer songwriter's name is Dave Bazan... they have a good live show, but his voice can leave more to be desired at times... but anyway... i was listening to a huge loop of music at work today and this song cracked me up... no offense Dave... but this, as you describe it would suck...
we barely ever fight
she knows that i love her
at first we made it every night
but i don't want to bug her about it
she just has a funny way
of loving me

pair of ticket stubs in the desk
a movie i've never seen
i probably shouldn't ask
it sounds so accusing
she must have forgot to mention
girl's night out

the breakfast cereal talked
more than we did all day long
i asked her for a walk
but she had to be on her way
so i told her that i knew
she'd been stepping out

she swore that she could explain
she swore that it would not happen again
she swore that she could explain
we both knew her words were in vain
... lets recap here... first you booty'd up wit your girl all the time when you were first dating (para #1), but now don't "want to bug her"... harsh man harsh...
... second - then you catch that breezy going to the movie (via ticket stubs) with some other dude... smellin' the coffee yet folks???
... third - you were too chicken to say something to her when you had breakfast... get some courage dogg...
... fourth -- at least you didn't listen to her... in the words of Martin Lawrence: "what, is she manogamistically challenged???"


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