Tuesday, November 9

MACK Packs???

Wal-Mart is showing some patriotism. It is amazing to me that the "evil" company who puts so-o many mom & pop stores out of business still appears to have a heart. When is the last time you read of a company (let alone the largest in the world) donating 900,000 packages to the military personnel who are currently overseas... the package includes "a phone card, writing paper, note cards, envelopes, a folder with a 2005 calendar and a letter of support... [and] ...will be Fed Ex'ed to the troops overseas beginning on Veteran's Day".

not to get too sappy, but i wish more companies would take time to honor those who are serving in such a self-less way... not to mention that their foundation gave the largest single gift to the WWII memorial project in DC (at $6 million out of pocket and an additional $8.5 million raised from store patrons)...

anyway... it amazes me that all people do is bag this company when they are one of the few that actually gives back to the community...


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