Wednesday, November 3

who got screwed on November 2nd???

  1. ... one person one over 50% of the popular vote... that's a plus
  2. ... the margin wasn't the closest ever... '60, '68, '76, 2000 were all closer
  3. ... kerry still has a job as Senator from Massachusetts... what did you not think he had a back-up plan??? he is never going to earn a paycheck not paid for by you and i (sorry but i cannot stand life politicians)
  4. ... if you voted based on all indications, your vote was counted properly

So let me tell you how got screwed... John Edwards - the poster-boy/golden-child of the democrats just a few short years ago... here is why:

  1. ... Edwards lost on the big stage and is now branded as a loser... he'll need to get out his rubberman suit to make the immage not stick... he could not help kerry win any of the southern costal states...
  2. ... Edwards is now out of a job... he couldn't run for re-election to the senate - how would that have looked
  3. ... Edwards will not be looked at as a presidential candidate in the future... who gains from this... Hillary Clinton... i'm not a conspirator, but man you think she really thought kerry was going to win??? heck no man... she knew... go back and look at the democratic convention... she was like - "i'm glad i'm not running against dubya"

i'll note my opinion now... Clinton will run in 2008 and will win unless another southern govenor runs against her for the republicans


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